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Exclusive offer for WFAANZ members

Free energy audit from Choice Energy

WFAANZ undertakes to support its members a variety of ways, including partnerships with businessess that offers a good or service that will help our members in some way – be it in your day to day work or improving operational efficiency. We had the latter in mind when WFAANZ partnered with Choice Energy.

In the last few years, the cost of running a window film business has skyrocketed due to factors like cost of living pressures, salary increases, rising material costs, insurance premium surges…and the list goes on. The price of energy is one of these expenditures – and that’s where Choice Energy can help.

Choice Energy is an Australian owned and operated energy consultancy with over 11,000 customers.

It’s an energy partner to more than 50 associations, buying groups and organisations like Metcash Group, Capricorn Automotive, and now WFAANZ. Since July 1 2023, it has helped 620 businesses identify and save over $4,000,000 on their energy spend.

Here’s how the WFAANZ/Choice Energy partnership works…


WFAANZ members contact Choice Energy for a free ‘energy audit’, and its experts review and advise on whether it adopts the best approach to procuring/paying for energy – to pinpoint if and where savings can be made. It’s essentially an obligation-free energy bill health check for electricity and gas, the result of which is either:


1. Peace-of-mind, knowing that not even a team of energy geeks could find a way to reduce your energy spend, or
2. You receive a report listing your options to improve your energy procurement model.

Amelia Pinkard, Partnership Relationships Coordinator, Choice Energy, said: “We are proud to partner with the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand. I look forward to working with its members to help them take control of rising energy costs and lower their environmental footprint through our expert energy procurement services and quality solar solutions.”

WFAANZ members can contact Amelia Pinkard with a recent copy of your energy bill on or 0413 874 116.

You can learn more about Choice Energy here.