merlin Glass Analysis kit

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Merlin Lazer Glass Analysis Kit from GSR Laser Tools

As energy efficiency regulations become more stringent, performance glazing is specified more frequently. Installers are seeing an increasing number of different glazing types when they arrive on site to measure and quote a job.

Determining whether glass is annealed, toughened, laminated, has a Low E coating, or is one of a multitude of glazing combinations found in an insulated glass unit – has a massive bearing on which film should be recommended to mitigate thermal stress breakage.

This makes the correct identification of glazing a critical step in the installation process.

With that in mind, WFAANZ encourages our professional members equip themselves with a Merlin Lazer Glass Anaysis Kit. The tools contained in the kit provide accurate readings that should inform on the film/s you recommend.

WFAANZ and GSR Laser Tools have joined forces to offer WFAANZ members a 10% discount on the kit, and free freight on all Australian orders. This represents a saving of $106 plus the cost of national postage.

Australian member rate:
$950 + free national postage

New Zealand member rate: AU$864
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EFT and card payment accepted.

Kit contents…

Toughened Glass Indicator

Identifies whether or not the glass being tested has been subject to a toughening process. It also tells the user which surface has been toughened, in both single pane and double pane configurations. It does not guarantee the glass indicated as being toughend meets Australian or New Zealand safety standards.

Download the instructions here.

Low E Coating Detector

The virtually invisible Low e surface coating comes in two generic types: a pyrolytic (hard) coating (single pane), or a sputtered (soft) coating (inside an IGU). This tool is designed to detect which surface is coated – vital knowledge when installing window film.

Download the instructions here.

Glass Thickness Gauge

Measuring any combination of clear single or multi-glazed units, the gauge indicates: glass thickness; the size of the air gap in any clear double or triple glazed unit; which surface (if any) is coated, e.g. a Low e coating; and if it is laminated glass (in a reading of three red laser lines, the fainter one indicates an interlayer).

Download the instructions here.

To order

Download the Merlin Lazer Glass Analysis Kit Order Form and email it, along with a copy of your current WFAANZ membership certificate, to

Toughened glass

Refer to the WFAANZ Toughened Glass + Film fact sheet for further information about the importance of glass identification when working on toughened glass.