WERS For Film

For home owners…

In the past there was no way to record and recognise the major effect window film had on the cooling and heating functions of your home, and by extension, your energy consumption. WERS For Film changed that.

WERS For Film is an Australian program. It is a simple and accurate energy rating system that helps you select a film that best suits your residential or commercial building. When a WERS For Film accredited installer applies a WERS-rated film, you’re eligible for an energy certificate that can go towards your home’s energy rating.

There are three parts to the program…

  1. Applied window film products are rated and labelled by an independent laboratory for their annual energy impact on a whole house, in any climate of Australia. You can use these ratings to accurately compare the energy impact of films from different distributors
  2. Installers can become WERS For Film accredited, so you can identify the energy experts
  3. Energy certificates are issued, which can help you get the highest energy rating possible for your building

For tinters…

As Australia’s only accreditation program for flat glass tinters, WERS For Film certification proves you’re serious about providing effective, long term energy solutions that best meet your client’s needs.

It enables you to issue WERS certificates and establishes you as a window film energy expert. Your details will also feature on this website’s WERS For Film accredited installers page.

To qualify, you must complete a flat glass exam and WERS For Film training course, both done online. Visit the Forms page to download the enrolment forms.

For further information take a look at this brochure or contact info@wfaanz.org.au.



Promotional materials like this one are available to accredited installers – for a watermark-free graphic please contact info@wfaanz.org.au.

Below we answer some of the questions tinters commonly ask us about WERS For Film accreditation.

Who should get their WERS For Film certification - the owner of the business, a sales person or installer?

The owner, salesperson or installer can be certified. We recommend, however, that the person quoting the job is the one who gets certified. The reason for this is there are two key steps in any WERS For Film project…

  1. The WERS For Film accredited individual visits the site and goes through a checklist of questions with the client. A film type is selected accordingly.
  2. Once the film has been installed, the WERS For Film accredited individual visits the site again. If all the requirements specified in the checklist have been met, a WERS For Film certificate can be issued and provided to the client. A copy of the checklist should be attached to the certificate.
I've just completed my online WERS For Film training, what do I do now?

Once you pass your flat glass exam (online), complete your online training and register with WFAANZ, you’re eligible for WERS For Film accreditation.

You will be sent a package of materials from WFAANZ, including a checklist and fact sheet. The checklist is for you to complete during the quote, it outlines the steps to take on a WERS For Film project. The fact sheet will help you explain WERS For Film to your client.

Where do I get the energy certificates from, to issue to my client?

Contact your film distributor for a copy of the WERS Fore Film certificate related to the product you installed. Every different film has its own certificate.

I have already passed the Flat Glass Exam, do I need to take it again?

No, if you have already passed the exam you do not need to take it again. You only need to do the online WERS For Film training course.

I'd like to get all my staff accredited, is there a group discount?

WFAANZ does offer group discounts. If six or more people from one company register at the same time, you receive a 15% discount on the exam, training and licence fees; if four to five people from one company are certified they will receive a 10% discount on the exam, training and licence fees.

For film distributors…

Film distributors obtain energy ratings from an independent organisation accredited by the Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC). WERS-rated window film must meet all relevant Australian standards.

Film is applied to and simulated on four different generic window types. These include:

  • Standard Generic Aluminium Window with 3mm Clear Glazing
  • Standard Generic Aluminium Window with 3mm Clear / 6mm Air Gap / 3mm Clear Glazing
  • Standard Generic Timber / uPVC Window with 3mm Clear Glazing
  • Standard Generic Timber / uPVC Window with 3mm Clear / 6mm Air Gap / 3mm Clear Glazing

For more information please email info@wfaanz.org.au.