Choosing a film

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. Sure, you may be able to source cheap window films online but can you trust them? What assurance do you have they’ll perform as promised? What recourse is available to you if they don’t?

WFAANZ recommends you select a brand of window film that offers a product warranty, meets all Australian and/or New Zealand Standards and is tried and tested in our region. The easiest way to find these films is to choose a WFAANZ distributor member – the logos appear below. These brands abide by a code of practice and comply with all relevant standards.

WFAANZ receives regular reports of safety/security films sold online that have not been independently tested to meet Grade A glass safety standards (in Australia). If in doubt, always ask to see the test report that proves compliance with AS2208 before purchasing the film for this purpose.

Windows are too important to take a chance on for the sake of saving a few dollars. For a film that will live up to its claims, choose a brand shown here…