Finding the right insurance coverage for your tint business can be hard. Window film businesses can’t be pigeonholed, each one is different. Plus, brokers don’t always understand the industry, so may not ask the right questions when determining your requirements.

To ensure you’re not under or over-insured, WFAANZ offers members the chance to have your insurance reviewed by a reputable broker, Peter Brown & Associates (PBA). PBA can also provide you with a comparable quote. The review and quote is free, and you’re under no obligation to act on it.

By working with a dedicated broker WFAANZ can offer our members:

  1. Reduced premiums. Group bargaining power means the more WFAANZ members take up the offer, the cheaper the premiums will be for everyone
  2. Assurance. Using a broker that’s been fully briefed on our industry and the differences between tinters, our members can rest assured they’re covered

So what’s next? Simply contact Steven Patterson on 0437 968 174 or – and be sure to let him know you’re a WFAANZ member.