Window film’s ability to address a range of issues – think energy efficiency, UV exposure and glass safety for starters – is why our role communicating the benefits of film is critical.

By shaping and inspiring conversations about window film, we ensure its benefits are recognised.

As Australia’s only industry body representing tinters, the WFAANZ logo is a symbol of trust. Our members make a commitment to abide by a strict code of ethics, which specifies compliance with all relevant regulations. That’s why anyone considering window film should always use a WFAANZ installer and film supplier.

Managed by a committee comprising a broad cross section of members, WFAANZ is proudly independent and non-profit. We’re not about promoting particular brands or businesses, we strive to protect and grow the industry as a whole by providing factual, unbiased info and resources.

Any Aussie tinter is invited to attend a WFAANZ committee meeting, regardless of whether you’re a member. We’re confident once you learn what we’re about, you’ll want to be involved.

Tinters can contact info@wfaanz.org.au for more information.

WFAANZ Distributor Members