WFAANZ offers online training to tinters interested in expanding their knowledge and consolidating their credentials.

Flat glass exam. Available for members and non members. Tinters are sent an education guide. The exam is done online, at a time and place of the tinter’s choosing, with the education guide open beside them. Passing this exam is a prerequisite of WERS For Film accreditation.

WERS For Film online training program. Open to members and non members, it’s the second prerequisite of WERS For Film accreditation. It covers the specifics of WERS For Film and the steps a tinter should take before issuing an energy certificate to their client.

Safety film online training course. The first of a series of online training courses for WFAANZ members only, it will cover the numerous considerations a tinter must be aware of when installing safety film. To launch in 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: WFAANZ is not an RTO, nor is it affiliated with hands-on training facilities or providers. Anyone interested in this sort of training should talk to a local tinter or a reputable distributor of window film to explore their training options.