WFAANZ media releases

The catnap trap, 2019

This Carringbah family used solar control window film to protect its four cats from UV exposure.

Warming the winter window, 2019

When Low E window film is applied to clear single glazing, the annual thermal insulating performance approaches that of clear double glazed windows

Cutting out the heat, 2019

A WFAANZ member used solar control film to transform a hairdressing salon from hotbox to comfort zone.

South Australian tint laws lighten up, 2018

South Australian government revises VLT laws for aftermarket window film on rear windows of passenger vehicles.

Working together for the good of the court, 2018

WFAANZ member works with a glazier at the Penrith Court House after a vandal attack.

Random glass explosions prompt safety warning, 2018

WFAANZ issues a warning in response to multiple incidents of spontaneous toughened glass explosions.

ACT tint laws lighten up, 2018

ACT government revises VLT laws for aftermarket window film on rear windows of passenger vehicles.

Top 10 window film hacks, 2016

Film’s ability to block heat is well known, but here we explore other ways film can make a difference.


Feeling the heat to keep cool, 2015

Eminè Mehmet, global sustainability ambassador and interior designer, advises the best ways to make our homes more efficient, for less.

Pane prevention, 2014

Looks at how safety film can help make your home safer and prevent serious accidents, especially in relation to children.

Achievable sustainability, 2014

When budget is a concern, it pays to amplify the performance of existing building materials, like windows, to make your home ‘greener’.

Protection from thieves is a steal, 2013

A staggering incident rate of vehicle break-ins, not to steal the car but the objects inside, has car owners turning to security film.

Avoid the road to UV exposure, 2012

Australia’s unenviable title of the highest incidence rate of skin cancer in the world, makes this example of a truck driver’s sun damage even more alarming.

Star ratings make film selection easier, 2012

Selecting the right window film has recently been made far easier with the Australian launch of WERS For Film.

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