The Tint Shop, VIC. Skylights that bathe the house in sunshine and give view to glorious palm trees – yes please. Living in a hotbox – no thanks.
Apex Window Tinting, QLD. Goodbye morning glare and afternoon heat at this apartment in the Park Regis Piermonde complex, Cairns.
South Side Tinting, NSW. When the owners of this newly built home realised they had privacy issues, a dual reflective film was used.
Glass Shield Wellington, NZ. Anti graffiti – safety films are popular on shopfronts, adding a valuable layer of protection.
Glass Shield Wellington, NZ. When your million dollar view is wasted because glare forces the blinds down all day, window film is the answer.
Aussie Window Tinting, WA. To smarten a property when selling or leasing, film delivers curbside appeal and a strong energy story.
Robson Window Tinting, NSW. When you use a professional installer, window film can truly enhance any glass surface.
Australian Tint Wizard, NSW. Sleek and stylish from all angles, and comfortable inside.
Aussie Window Tinting, WA. Frosted film on the glass toilet door – because some things in life are best left unseen.
Robson Window Tinting, NSW. What do you need to perfectly cut film for these angular panes of glass? Precision. Bucket loads of it.
Solabloc, SA. Car windows should be tinted by a professional who abides by your State/Territory VLT regulations.
SunX Window Tinting Macarthur, NSW. Smarter and sleeker. Proving the aesthetic superiority of film over blinds.
South Side Tinting, NSW. Blocking this view with blinds or curtains would be a travesty. A dual reflective film provided a simple solution.
Alpine Tint, VIC. Privacy film gives you the power to control what can and can’t be seen – from the inside out and from the outside in.
BriteWay Window Tinting, QLD. Heat and glare are gone, so these stunning bedroom water views can be enjoyed in comfort.
Australian Tint Wizard, NSW. Your car is to precious to be left in the hands of just anyone. For peace of mind, choose a WFAANZ member.
Alpine Tint, VIC. Nothing proves the heat retention benefits of Low E film better than a before and after glass temperature check.
Zavita, NSW. Excavator operators feel the heat too. Safety films are also popular on earth moving equipment to protect from flying debris.
About Windows, NSW. Windows, doors, skylights, transoms – if it’s glass, it can be tinted, but if you want it done properly, always use a professional.
Paragon, NSW. Proving safety doesn’t have to be boring with a frosted film treatment on the pool fence.
Solabloc, SA. Patrons of the Klahn Estate Winery loved the stunning view of the vines, but didn’t care for heat and glare.
Tint A Window, NZ. Lake Tekapo Lodge, Central South Island, used window film to control heat and glare. The reflected vista – a priceless bonus.
TintFX, NSW. Taking time to reflect on all the reasons window film can improve the aesthetic experience.
Alpine Tint, NSW. Clear glass was mistakingly installed instead of mirrored glass in this Mt Hotham holiday home. Reflective film solved the problem.
Forest Glass Tinting, NSW. Sunshine is never the problem – it’s the heat, glare and UV that goes with it. Film offered the perfect solution.
Glastint, NSW. The effect of a stained-glass window without the cost, at the Dundas Croatian Seventh-Day Adventist Church.
Tint Design, VIC. The facade of this St Kilda home was transformed with an eye catching digital print onto white film.
Cooltone, QLD. The kernels wouldn’t pop due to heat. External film on the skylights above fixed the perplexing popcorn problem.
Glastint, NSW. Bunnings had an opaque black film (right) and reflective film (left) professionally installed on its store front windows.
The Tint Shop, VIC. Improved tenant comfort and reduced HVAC demands were the goals of this tint job in Collins Street, Melbourne.
All About Window Tinting, VIC. Being prone to serious heat, glare and privacy issues, houseboats are prime candidates for film.
Tint FX, NSW. Despite having expensive Low-E glass, this home still copped too much heat before solar control film was installed.
Glastint, NSW. Privacy needn’t be boring.

Premier Tint, NSW. The frosted film design installed in this boardroom added privacy and pizzazz.
A good tinter throws themsleves in the deep end to get results, says North Queensland tinter Scott Baker.
Solar Tinting Centre, NSW. Privacy and heat reduction were achieved, while smartening up this home’s facade.
Vision Window Tinting, NSW. Film installers worked with a glazier to fix the windows at the Penrith Court House after a vandal rampage.
Glastint, NSW. It’s important to keep your cool at the races.

Coloured film injected life, warmth and vibrancy into this indoor swimming pool in WA.
Solar Window Filmers, VIC. This hairdresser used window film to solve heat issues at her home-based salon.
AAA Tinting, QLD. Solar control window film was installed at Currumbin State Primary School to help manage heat in the classrooms.
Shade & Frost, NSW. Wanting privacy for a gym, the tinter reccommended decorative film with a yoga motif.
Cooltone, QLD. Signage and window frosting added a touch of class to the pool deck of the Valencian Apartments in Brisbane.
Tint FX, NSW. Before film was installed, light and heat through a stunning atrium made the kitchen unusable during certain parts of the day.

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