You’d be hard pressed to find a window that can’t have its performance enhanced by window film, AKA tint. A professional tinter can install building window film in your home or office, or automotive film in your car.


WFAANZ is the peak industry body for the Australian and New Zealand window film industries. Our members include the two country’s best tinters and film distributors. Established 35 years ago, WFAANZ is proudly independent and non-profit.


WERS For Film is a simple and accurate energy rating system that helps you do two things – compare the energy performance of different films and find an accredited window film installer. The program operates in Australia only.


Did you know there’s a limit to how dark you can tint your car windows? Or that safety glass may be required for some windows in your home?

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Use our member directory to find a local tinter you can trust. The directory covers the Australian and New Zealand markets.


Answering the questions we’re most often asked about window film.

Fact sheets

A series of information sheets covering all aspects of window film.

VLT cards

WFAANZ sells 35% VLT cards, which enable you to quickly and easily check if the darkness of the tint on your front car windows is legal.


For inspiration, view some examples of window film in action.

getting more from your windows

Summer heat, winter chill, shocking electricity bills, glare on the TV or fading timber floors are some of the problems window film solves. These WFAANZ videos explain how the right film can optimise the performance of your existing windows.


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TAFE NSW offers entry-level tinter training courses that cover the fundamental theory and practical elements of window film installation.

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