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Flat Glass Exam Certified
WERS For Film Accredited

The WFAANZ Flat Glass Accreditation Certificate is awarded to those that sit and pass an examination which is based on the Flat Glass Education Guide.

The exam covers the following topics:

    • Solar Energy and Heat Transfer
    • Glass and Glazing Systems
    • Solar Control Window Film
    • Safety and Security Window Films

Below is a list of the installers who have successfully passed this exam:

  Name Company State
  Aarin Yariz Smart Solar Energy VIC
  Aaron McCarthy Signfx Sydney Pty Ltd NSW
  Aiden Orcher A-Class Auto Film NSW
  Aiden Orcher  A Class Auto Tint NSW
  Alan Bulmer Cooltint - Gold Coast QLD
  Alexander Senjuschenko  Jas Tint Technologies WA
  Alison Richardson MEP Films NSW
  Allan O'Connor A & C Classic Window Tinting NSW
  Andre Bombski Sungard Superstore - Mount Gambier SA
  Andrea Tindal DMS Energy WA
  Andrew Bartolo Direct Factory Tint VIC
  Andrew Booth  All About Window Tinting VIC
  Andrew Echorn Mr Tint Port Macquarie NSW
  Andrew Forbes Bathurst Tinting NSW
  Andrew Hudson Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Andrew Malouf Sola Seal SA
  Andrew Meyland  Star Tint  WA
  Andrew Rigg The One Stop Shop VIC
  Andrew Snowdon About Windows ACT
  Annalese Carroll Suntek NSW
  Anne Latimer All Protection Tinting NSW
  Annette Magill Protint & Prestige Car Care VIC
  Anthony Hedley Sungard Superstore - Lonsdale SA
  Ashley Sims Tint City Bunbury WA
  Barry Egan Premier Tint VIC
  Barry Mills Ipswich Window Titning QLD
  Barry Schefe Tint A Car Maroochydore QLD
  Bede Madden Clarence Valley Window Tinting NSW
  Ben Byrne The Tint and Frost Boss VIC
  Ben Walker Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Bernard Stack Sungard Superstore - Gawler SA
  Bevan Johnson Tintwest WA
  Bob Amy Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Brad Connelly Sol Tech Window Tinting NSW 
  Brad Kendrick The One Stop Shop VIC
  Brad Outzen The Tinting Centre P/L NSW
  Brent Kettle Blue Whale Window Tinting TAS 
  Brent Zakeresen High Perofrmance Window Films QLD
  Brett Bleasdale Scorpion Window Tinting SA
  Brian Rickard Red Devel Glass & Tinting QLD
  Cameron Burgess Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Carey Conti Midwest Windscreens & Window Tinting WA
  Charles Denny Cleargard Australia WA
  Cheryl Pelly Glasstint Solar Control VIC
  Chris Burdett Cooltone Sun Control QLD
  Chris Gilliland Linear Graphics QLD
  Chris Kee MEP VIC
  Chris May The One Stop Shop VIC
  Chris Vanzyl Sydney Glass Tint NSW 
  Christian Burness Sungard Superstore - Pooraka SA
  Claude Tasmer Tint A Car Perth WA
  Cliff Matfin MEP Films QLD
  Colin Chazen  Tint A Car Myaree WA
  Colin Craig Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Colin Edwards Instint Window Tinting QLD
  Colin Gibbs Sola-Guard Window Tinting WA
  Corey Nicholson ARC Window Tinting WA
  Corey Yeo Sungard Superstore - Mount Gambier SA
  Damien Hastings Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Damien Meek NQ Glass Tinting Services QLD
  Damien Ottone Roland Graf's Auto Centre QLD
  Damienn Rogers Total Tinting & Car Care QLD
  Daniel Smith DMS Energy WA
  Daniel Wilson Solarshade NSW
  Darren Bassham Superior Tint SA
  Darren Kerrison High Performance Films VIC
  Darren Lane Solar STop VIC
  Darren Wilmshurst Sungard Superstore - Holden Hill SA
  Dave Kershaw Tintmaster Pty Ltd VIC
  Dave Steward Just A Tint VIC
  Dave Widdon Cooltone Sun Control QLD
  Dave Youngberry Comfort Window Tinting NSW
  David Burrus C&D Tinting QLD
  David Cardwell AAA Sunsmart Pty Ltd WA
  David Eade Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  David Kingroach Cool Tint QLD
  David Walker MasterTint TAS 
  David Yates Sun Shield Maroochydore QLD
  Deahne Snell Suntek NSW
  Dean Domrow Ireland Blinds Pty Ltd QLD
  Debbie Rogers Bekaert Specialty Films NSW
  Denis Bell DC Tinting WA
  Dennis Campbell Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Dennis Foran Summerland Window Tinting NSW
  Dominic Smith  Pristine Window Tinting WA
  Don Black Tint A Car Capalaba QLD
  Doug Metcalf Vision Tint Dubbo NSW
  Dustin Meth Instint NSW 
  Eddie Meth Instint Window Tinting NSW
  Elizabeth Blair  Windscreens Professional NSW
  Erich Ziedler Sungard Superstore - Marion SA
  Garry Onn Tint A Car Myaree WA
  Geoff Collins Sungard Superstore - Port Augusta SA
  Geoff O'Shea All Protection Tinting NSW
  Geoff Sincock SunGard Commercial SA SA
  George Meth Instint Window Tinting NSW
  George Yancazos Tint A Car Morley WA
  Gil Denhartog
Glenn Burgess
MEP Films
Eclipse Window Tinting 
  Glen Crotty Glenn's Signs & Window Tinting QLD
  Glenn Casselson Solarmaster VIC
  Glenn Nicholls Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Graeme Eggert Window Tinting Australia WA
  Graham Gaunt Rayban International W.A WA
  Graham Hesselson Perth Tint Designs WA
  Graham McAully McAully Window Tint QLD
  Grant Jarrett Window Insulation Systems ACT
  Gregory Swifte Classical Tint QLD
  Holley Noakes Solartint Canberra ACT
  Ian Cramp ABC Glass Tinting NSW
  Ian Lee  Tint A Car WA
  Ian Lyons Window Insulation Systems ACT
  Ian Sims Sungard Australia SA
  Jason Wendels Stawell Window Tint VIC
  Jeff Payne High Performance Films Sydney NSW 
  Jeremy Davis Impact Tinting QLD 
  Jeremy Wu Sunscreen NSW 
  Jo Blackwell Window Films WA WA
  John Adams Sun Shield Maroochydore QLD
  John Cowan Tint A Car Joondalup WA
  John Daginis MEP Films NSW
  John Godden SunGard Commercial SA SA
  John Gray Window Tinting Plus WA
  John Hunt SunGard Superstore - Blackwood SA
  John Maguire Coastline Window Tinting NSW
  Jordan Bate Suntek NSW
  Julie Clack Top Tint VIC
  Justin Tronerud Sungard Commercial SA SA
  K & E Kay-Smith Whale Bay Tinting QLD
  Karen Miller Bekaert Specialty Films NSW
  Ken Baldwin Tint A Car Osborne Park WA
  Kevin Humphreys Ultra Tint Southport QLD
  Kevin Laurent Solar Tinting Centre NSW
  King Mak King Mak Services NSW
  Lanco Lawler Solarmaster QLD
  Lawerence Howes Diamond Valley Tinting VIC
  Lee Amy Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Lee Attewell Sunstop Pty Ltd WA
  Lee Mitchell Window Shield Australia WA
  Leo Borg Custom Window Tinting NSW
  Leon Rayner Ability Windscreens (Sungard Burnie) TAS
  Les Hefford Budget Tinting QLD
  Lew Cotter Sungard Superstore - Mount Barker SA
  Liam Cummins Universal Tint & Auto NSW
  Luke Adams Sun Shield Maroochydore QLD
  Luke Turner Australian Tinting Pty Ltd NSW
  Luke Valenti Novus Auto Glass (Tint A Car Geraldton) WA
  Mal Cruickshank Window Films WA  VIC
  Mal Potter Forest Glass Tinting NSW
  Manish Thakrar Tint A Car Joondalup WA
  Maricel Cavestany Austratint Film Installations NSW
  Mark Pridmore Sungard Superstore - City SA
  Mark van Oostrum Cooltone Sun Control QLD
  Marlene Gehrke McAully Window Tint QLD
  Martyn Murdoch Prime Window Tinting ACT
  Mathew Willis Blue Whale Window Tinting TAS 
  Matt Curtis Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Matt Moore Tint Plus QLD
  Matt Spinks The One Stop Shop VIC
  Matthew Reid Sunscreen NSW
  Melinda Adams Sun Shield Maroochydore QLD
  Michael Ahmat Chameleon (now PimpNProtect) NT
  Michael Clements Tintmaster Pty Ltd VIC
  Michael de Jong High Performance Films - Comm. BNE QLD
  Michael Miller MEP Films VIC
  Michael Miller Vision Window Tinting NSW
  Michael Morley AllCool Window Tinting WA
  Michael Sciorio AAA Holdings (WA) Pty Ltd WA
  Michael Walker High Performance Films VIC
  Nathan Angel Tint A Car Manjimup WA
  Neil Francis MEP Films QLD
  Neil Hill Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Nelson Neves MEP VIC
  Paul Lock Lock Tint QLD
  Paul Moore The Tint Shop VIC
  Paul Vun Solartech VIC
  Peter Andrews Glass Tinting WA WA
  Peter Beasley The Window Tinting Company QLD
  Peter Brown DMS Energy WA
  Peter Cosgrove Cooltone Sun Control QLD
  Peter Goldsworthy TINT A CAR Osborne Park WA
  Peter Higgins Arma Protection Systems VIC
  Peter Matthews Australian Auto Tint VIC
  Peter McDowell Bekaert Specialty Films NSW
  Peter McInnes All Protection Tinting NSW
  Peter Squires All Protection Tinting NSW 
  Phil Godden SunGard Commercial SA SA
  Philip Williams Tweed-Byron Window Tinting NSW
  Ray Mitchell All Protection Tinting NSW
  Remeo Mejares Philtint Window Tinting Services NSW
  Richard Laurent Griffith Solar Tinting NSW
  Richard Walker Southern Tintl Solace Blakehurst NS
  Rick Buckle MEP Films WA
  Rick Rolff Hastings Window Tinting (Sungard Pt Macquarie)  NSW 
  Robert Armatys Just Tinting QLD
  Robert Draper MEP NSW
  Robert Moore A1 Quality Window Tinting QLD
  Roland Graf Roland Graf's Auto Centre QLD
  Rowan Laurent Solar Tinting Centre NSW
  Russell Ainsworth Home Tint Minyama QLD
  Sallyanne Miranda Clarence Valley Windows NSW
  Sandra Bowden All Protection Tinting NSW
  Scott Baker Tropi-Cool Window Tinting QLD
  Scott Bennett Novus  WA
  Scott Evans U.V. Window Coatings VIC
  Scott Mansell Custom Window Tinting SA
  Scott McLeish Tint A Car Cooee TAS
  Scott Purkis Just Tinting QLD
  Scott Tepper Teppas Printing VIC
  Scott Wright Austint VIC
  Sean McPhail Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Shane Boyce Capricornia Sun Control (Townsville) QLD
  Shelley Abbott Sungard Superstore - Marion SA
  Simon Berry Elite Window Tinting QLD
  Song Min Yun
Steve Bolding
Cooltone Sun Control
  Steve Burgess Tint a Car Murray Bridge SA
  Steve Farley Country Shades VIC
  Steve Lock Sungard Superstore - Whyalla SA
  Steven Dee Universal Tint NSW
  Stewart Cameron Sound Solution Glazing VIC
  Stuart Bennett Tint Plus QLD
  Talia Ottone Roland Graf's Auto Centre QLD
  Terry Ashton Sungard Superstore - Salisbury SA
  Tiit Orutar DMS Tinting and Graphics WA
  Tim Dalton Tintmaster  VIC
  Tim Stevens Iconic Window Films VIC
  Tom Johnstone Roland Graf's Auto Centre QLD
  Tracey Dunstan Sound Solutions Glazing VIC
  Trent Byrnes Altapac
  Trevor Comacchio 
Veronica Tennant
Briteways TopTint
Solar Window Filmers
  Vince Byrnes Solarshade NSW
  Vince Wood Any Window Tinting ACT
  Wade Connole Sungard Superstore - Gawler SA

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