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Window film is applied to a sheet of glass to improve its thermal performance, safety or appearance. A wide range of films are available to achieve different results, depending on your specific needs.

Three different categories of window film...

1. Solar films

  • Control the temperature inside a car, home or office and ensure air conditioning systems work more efficiently 
  • Range in darkness, from almost transparent to dark grey 
  • State laws govern the darkness of car tints (see “Regulations” for more info)
  • Homes or buildings can have film of any darkness 
  • New films offer high visibility and beneficial thermal performance
  • Many residential window films have been energy rated as part of the Window Energy Rating Scheme, WERS, (see “Benefits” for more info)
  • Almost clear, low reflective films are now available ensuring minimal change to the look of the glass, so retaining light into a room, which still providing a considerable benefit

Advances have been made in the manufacture of Low E window films, which fall within this category. These films are suitable for the heating and mixed climate zones of Australia as they work to retain heat in Winter and reject it in Summer. Click below to learn more.


Click here if you would like to read an energy study commissioned by the International Window Film Association in 2012. 

2. Safety films

  • Usually clear 
  • Bring old ‘float’ glass up to current Australian Standards (safety glass) 
  • Protect glass from shattering in public places 
  • For use in bomb blast mitigation
  • The thicker the film, the stronger the substrate it’s applied to becomes
  • Also special sacrificial anti-graffiti films, which absorb scratch graffiti and can be replaced

3. Decorative films

  • Thousands of films used to improve glass in commercial buildings and vehicles 
  • Frost film used for office privacy (think of the frost stripes on the office walls in your local bank)
  • Coloured vinyl films used in the signage industry
  • Digitally printed films can depict just about any design or artwork

Discuss your needs with your nearest WFAANZ approved dealer before choosing a coating to suit you. 

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