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Across Australia, the road rules that regulate the application of window film on vehicles can be confusing, unfair and discriminatory.

Federal law permits dark tinted glass or “privacy glass” on new vehicle windows behind the driver. Australian tinters, however, are prohibited by State law from applying that same darkness of film to existing vehicles.

So you’re mate is allowed to buy a new car with dark windows in the rear – but you’re not allowed to have your windows on your old car tinted to match his.

Please sign our petition below if you agree that...

• This situation is confusing and unfair to vehicle owners and tinters
• State laws should allow 35% VLT on front side windows and lower VLT for windows behind the driver
• The laws in each State should be brought into line so all Aussie car owners abide by the same regulations

Your support is appreciated.

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A4 Petition Sheet

Installers - download the A4 petition sheet and display it at your workplace, encouraging customers to sign. This is a great tool to use when explaining to customers that the VLT regulations prevent you from installing dark film. Click the link below.



Motorists - lend your support to our campaign by clicking LIKE on our auto film petition Facebook page.

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