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VicRoads is still working on its updated information sheet regarding the change in regulation to 20% VLT for rear windows. From the Current Vehicle Standards Information Sheets table on the VicRoads website: “Vehicle Standards Information 2 - Window Tinting is currently being updated.”


In the meantime, a 20% VLT limit on rear windows is accepted in Victoria. The website currently states: “...provided at least a side rear vision mirror is fitted to each side of the vehicle, the minimum…VLT…changes to 0% for vehicles primarily designed for the carriage of goods, or 20% for all other light vehicles.”


Remember, the 20% applies to the combination of privacy glass and film. If the privacy glass is already darker than 35% (front) or 20% (rear), you cannot apply any film, even clear film.


WFAANZ will alert all members and issue a technical bulletin once the new information sheet is published.

Rear only

WFAANZ has received numerous reports of tinters telling customers 20% VLT is now accepted on all windows. That’s not the case. The 20% limit only applies to windows behind the B pillar. Contact me if you need clarification.

What about Tassie?

Tasmania is the only State yet to announce its intent to change the VLT regulation for rear windows to 20%. WFAANZ has a phone meeting with Vehicle Standards, Department of State Growth, to get its stance on the issue. Tasmanian tinter members will be updated ASAP.

Plastic problem

Tinters be warned, there’s a small side window behind the rear window in the Renault Clio that’s plastic, not glass. Film should not be applied, and it’s easily damaged/scratched.


Thanks to Rob Tait for letting us know. 


Top marks with film

Double-glazed windows with window film, high insulation, a northerly aspect and a 10,000-litre underground water tank are just some of the passive solar design features that enabled this Naremburn, Sydney, home achieve a 8.8 star energy-rating. It’s just one of the homes that featured in the Sustainable House Day line-up on September 16 this year. Read more here

All’s well who tints well

Have you heard of ‘wellness real estate’? It may sound like an annoying hipster term, but it may be a concept that favours tinters.


Wellness real estate relates to the development of buildings that improve the health of the individual, community and environment. It’s the next phase of the green construction movement. Its characteristics include open, generous windows, plants, non-toxic and natural materials, fitness centres, green public spaces and community gardens.   


Window film’s ability to improve access to natural light and fresh air while reducing the need for curtains and blinds plays squarely into the wellness real estate model. It’s something to keep in mind when promoting film, and may even pave the way for a cross promotion with your local real estate office.


The Global Wellness Institute’s Build Well To Live Well report published in January this year found Australia is the third largest market for wellness real estate. According to the report, the Australian wellness real estate market is currently worth $9.5bn. The 2017 Global Wellness summit, Florida, presented research indicating wellness real estate-forward homes were 10%-15% above the average market price.


The future of auto glass

By 2040, windscreens will have embedded image generation capabilities, cars that run on petrol will be illegal, and steering wheels will be obsolete. At the 2018 Auto Glass Week event in the US, keynote speaker Michael Robinson, an American car designer based in Italy, made these and other forecasts for the automotive industry. Read more in this glassbytes story. 


School of light

Research shows that children and teacher’s alike get better results when their classrooms are awash with natural light. These results can be used by tinters to bolster their sales pitch when liaising with education facilities.


As UV exposure and skin cancer is such a massive health issue in Australia, there’s a strong argument for window film. It’s a retrofit solution that’s affordable, it enables access to natural light, keeps student more comfortable, reduces electricity usage all while protecting kids from UV radiation.


These studies demonstrate how natural light enhances educational spaces:


A 2014 University of Nebraska-Lincoln study considered how daylight affects the social and cognitive skills of preschool students. A positive relationship was identified between natural lighting conditions and their social and cognitive abilities.


A 1999 study by a US energy efficiency consultancy showed a 25% improvement in children’s test results in naturally lit classrooms.


A 1991 Alberta Department of Education study found that students read faster in classrooms with natural light. The 21,000 students from Canada and the US were found to progress 26% faster on reading tests and 20% faster on math tests in classrooms with natural sunlight.

Tinters please remember:

When installing safety film to meet Australian safety standards at locations like schools and child care centres, you must adhere a safety label to every pane of glass. For more information more about your safety obligations, please refer to the WFAANZ safety label fact sheet.


  Call out for case studies:

The AWA is liaising with the NSW government regarding the efficacy and viability of window film in green renovations at public schools. We need case studies. Have you installed film at a public school, anywhere in the country? If so, please contact WFAANZ here


Tracey Gramlick, Executive Director and CEO of the AWA comments, "It serves the whole industry to work together to ensure that the much loved vast expanses of glazing are maintained in Australia. With retrofitting school projects, in particular, we must consider and offer all options to provide sustainable, safe, energy efficient environments". WFAANZ would like to thank Tracey and the AWA for its continued representation in discussions with government regarding energy efficient fenestration options.



Best of both worlds

I’m enquiring about film for large windows in my apartment located in Bundoora, Melbourne. During winter the apartment gets very cold and in summer very hot. Is window film suitable for this application? Is the film clear? Cost per square meter? Can the film be removed if need be? Does it come with a lifetime guarantee?

The film to provide heat retention in winter and heat rejection in summer is Low E window film. Download the fact sheet. It is not optically clear, but there are variants that have up to 70% VLT (visible light transmission). Window film can be removed, but it comes at a cost as it is strongly advised a professional is hired to do it properly. Download a fact sheet on removing window film.


Cost and warranty are factors that should be discussed with a professional installer who is a WFAANZ member. WFAANZ members have committed to abide by a strict industry code of practice, which is your assurance they adhere to a high industry standard. Here is a link to the WFAANZ member directory


If you would like an energy certificate at the completion of the job, you need to talk to a WERS accredited window film installer. WERS stands for the Window Energy Rating Scheme. Here’s a link to the accredited installers (choose one who has a CURRENT licence). 


Let’s be clear

Can you put clear tint on top of AS3 glass if it were to scan at 26% VLT once you apply a clear film, which still scans at 21%, which is still within the laws of Victoria. Is this legal?

The laws for windows behind the driver are for net 20% minimum, and front wind ups are 35%. They don’t actually care how you get there. So, if the privacy glass is 26% and you out on a clear film and it goes to a net 21%, you are fine. For rear windows, VicRoads is only concerned if the film install takes the VLT of the glass below 20%. 

Tinter awards

Could you please let me know which award tinters currently come under?

It depends on the type of work they do - auto, residential, commercial, on site, at height, etc. Have a look at this technical bulletin for more info.


Question of qualification

I’m a tinter who has been asked to do glass audits at a child care centre. Are we as tinters qualified to certify glass, as opposed to the glass we install film on, according to current guidelines? Or do flat glass tinters have to be licensed to do glass audits?

Window film installers are not licensed to perform glass audits. Only a suitably qualified person like a glazier or engineer can perform these audits. A tinter can present their ‘opinion’ of what is float glass and can have safety film applied, but you must make it extremely clear in writing that you are not a qualified glass auditor. We advise you recommend to your client they contact a local qualified glazier to do a proper audit. And when installing safety film to meet the standard at places like child care centres, remember you must adhere a safety sticker to every pane of glass. Read more about the tinter’s safety label obligations.


Tinters of the world unite

“One of our members has received different reports of front window/s on a CX5 cracking on the way back to a dealership after tinting. One CX9 cracked during installation. Anyone else had trouble or heard of this happening?”.


This question was posted on the WFAANZ Facebook page on August 28. As of October 11, it’d been seen by over 800 different people (mostly tinters) from around the world, and 19 different Aussie tinters weighed in on the discussion. To read the comments, visit our Facebook page here

The post reveals a pretty cool trend in the tint industry – tinters helping each other through Facebook. Love it or hate it, this single post proves Facebook’s ability to connect people is unique and powerful. How else could you instantly access over 800 tinters with a technical question? It’s a great example of why you should LIKE the WFAANZ Facebook page, regularly visit, and contact me if you’d like a question raised. As demonstrated here, tinters aren’t selfish about sharing knowledge or giving advice to fellow tinters.


What DO you do?

Can I be frank? Tinters who claim WFAANZ does nothing to support small tint businesses haven’t taken the time to learn what we do. Over the years WFAANZ has grown into a business support facility for tinters, helping make your job of running a business easier and more profitable. But a lot of it is behind the scenes.


Each week we get multiple window film enquiries from people around the country. I’m constantly educating consumers on the benefits of film, while promoting our members so customers know who to call when they’re ready to hire a professional.


Fielding enquiries is one small but incredibly important aspect of what WFAANZ does. Remember it’s 100% non-profit, so all funds gained through membership goes back into establishing the framework of a trustworthy, reliable and current window film resource.


And it’s not only car and home/office owners we talk to you. Builders, architects, designers, industry stakeholders, energy assessors, other associations, government – the nature of the enquiries we receive are as varied as the people making them.


It follows then that WFAANZ can be the difference between you getting a call for a job or not. And your chances of getting that call greatly increase if you’ve got a business listing on the WFAANZ online directory, because that’s where we send people looking for a tinter.


For more info about WFAANZ and what it means to be a member, contact me here or download the member benefit document here.


In 2019 WFAANZ will launch a new website. Rebuilt from the ground up, it will be more streamlined, modern, engaging and user friendly.


This was a matter of necessity as the platform on which our existing site was built is being deleted by Adobe, a move that has affected thousands of businesses around the world. 


What we have here is an opportunity. A chance to develop a site that better meets the needs of our audiences, while providing the functionality required of our online presence. The existing site will be operational until we hit the launch button, and the web address will remain the same.


On average, our website attracts close to 10,000 hits a month. It’s by far our most important touch point with association members and the public. Now’s your chance to help shape our digital footprint to ensure our site offers exactly what you need it to. Email me with suggestions or ideas. 

Tint training solution
One of the key features of the new WFAANZ website will be an online training portal for members. WFAANZ will upload training modules to ensure our members stay up to date with current industry practices. First cab off the rack – a course covering safety film and Australian Standards. Stay tuned for more info, or email me with ideas for course topics you’d like to see covered.


All about the image
Members often tell me they don’t have time for marketing. I get it. There’s not much time left in the day after tinting and running the business. My advice - pick low input/high return activities that’ll get your name out there without too much fuss. This is one of those ideas.


Send me a jpeg image and a short description of the job you’ve done tinting a car, building, home, boat, caravan, school, etc. and I’ll provide free promotion online, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz - the ‘…world’s largest online community for home design and renovation’. You send me the info and I’ll do the rest.


Images rule supreme in the world of marketing. The right image can go a long way. The more shots I get from members, the better equipped I am to promote window film. The photos don’t need to be taken by a professional with a proper camera, jpegs from your phone are fine.


Five minutes of your time could mean a stack of free publicity. That’s smart marketing. Email me here


Get carded

Due to high demand, WFAANZ has replenished its stock of VLT cards. You would have received one in your membership pack. For those who haven’t seen one, they’re small cards (business card sized) that enable the user to quickly and easily gauge if a window is within 35% VLT.


They’re not electronic devices, so they only provide an indication – they do not give a VLT reading and are not meant to replace VLT readers.


Popular with police officers and auto outlets, they’re also available for sale to tinters, with WFAANZ members getting a reduction in cost.


Download an order form here

Meeting of minds
Thanks to everyone who attended the WFAANZ committee meeting in September.


Members, please keep in mind WFAANZ welcomes tinters to join the committee. In fact, the association’s constitution stipulates that associate members must be on the committee to ensure the entire industry is represented. We have two meetings a year via teleconference as well as two face to face meetings, so tinters from across the country can easily join in.


Email for more info.

Loud and proud

WFAANZ 2018 – 2019 membership certificates and member packs have been posted to all current WFAANZ members. To squeeze all you can out of your WFAANZ membership, be loud and proud. Display your certificate, announce your membership on your website and Facebook, place the logo on all your materials, etc.


You want everyone to know you’re a member, that you abide by a strict code of practice and are serious about upholding industry standards. The credibility this adds may tip the scales your way when the next potential customer decides which tinter to call.


Here are some more marketing ideas.

WFAANZ welcomes these new members to the association:
  • Tint Centre, VIC
  • Elite Window Tinting, QLD
  • South Side Tinting, NSW
  • Tint a Car Ravenhall, VIC
  • 1300 Get Tint, QLD

In the loop
Members please remember to let us know when your contact details change. Incorrect details in your members directory listing or our correspondence lists could mean you’re missing out on jobs or vital industry news. Email Deb if you change email, phone, business name, etc. 

Keen to join the tint team?
Installers wanting to join WFAANZ can contact us here for more info about what's involved, or download the application form. 


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